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This website is for FF fans to hang out in. Every friend I have (that's not very many)is a serious Final Fantsy fan! I love Final Fantasy myself, but I've never beat one before.
Anyway, enjoy this site!

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Welcome to Final Fantasy Utopia!

Heads up all you rpg fans out there! Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is finaly out for the Gameboy Advance!
I bought is on the 20th of this september (2003) and it is very fun! If i beat it (with my bad luck, I have never beat an FF game before, but this one is very fun!)I will give a review on it and maye even a walkthrough!
Coming Soon:

I will create a Final Fantasy history page for the curious people out there that have an interest in Final Fantasy.

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ATTENTION: This site is still under construction, and won't be finished for a while.
Last updated: 9-30-03

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